Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Finding Focus

I am one of those people that is all over the place doing a million things and never knowing how to say no. What's worse, is that I am a mixed media artist, a botanist, and a business owner that is involved at the directorial level in two nonprofits. So I can't ever seem to focus. It drives my husband mad! He is forever telling me to stop doing charity work, to say no to people that need my help, and to focus on my work. Sometimes I wonder if he ever met me before we married. ;)
So back to the point: FOCUS.
Yeah, you see, not so easy right? It's not for lack of trying. I desperately try to do one thing. Even in that one thing, there are a million things to do. I have a studio and gallery in Algiers Point, a quaint quiet neighborhood in New Orleans (or what we locals call Nola). My artwork is primarily pottery. I do paint and some photography. I have other artist's work in my gallery on consignment. I am the sales associate, gallery manager, office manager, marketing department, shipping department, janitor, pottery teacher, and artist. Artist shouldn't be last, but somehow it always ends up that way.
So without the financial means to hire a staff, this is how it is. This is how it is for all artists with small artist owned galleries.
I am not complaining.. just stating the facts and how I got here is another story, for another day. I am extremely happy with my chosen profession. This is my destiny. I love to experiment with different subject matter, media, and techniques. I have realized that I do need to narrow it down a bit. I am starting to use more of what I know. I have focused my work towards things inspired by nature or Nola. My artworks are going through a transition from a panoramic view to a macroscopic one. Although a great deal of the background is cut away. I am still searching to find focus among all of the millions of tiny details that are uncovered when the contrast is changed.

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